We were young and foolish when we first met in High School but we were in love. I watched her as she stood at the pool. She turned to look at me; she must have felt my eyes. It burned, just to look at her.

I was at the pool; I knew Paul’s eyes were on me. I turned. His smile lit the bright afternoon sky and drew me to his open arms.

As Lily walked towards me I could taste the music in the air. She joined me on the lounge chair. We swam back and forth in the depth of each other.

I must have been staring at him for more time than I knew. Suddenly our lips met and Paul cooled my burning lips with the tenderness of his. We just froze in the knowledge of each other for a while. Then I touched his lips.

Lily started playing with my lips with her fingers. I held her face and we kissed passionately.
And we kissed! And we kissed! Entangled in each others arms our bodies intertwined.

I love the feel of Paul’s body soft and warm. I am floating in the passion of his want. Conveniently within a moment we are naked and safe within the cocoon of our love.

Now my lips start moving down her body. I cup her breast with my right hand and massage it. She is firm and large. I pull. I bite.

My hand instinctively holds
the scent of Paul's sun drenched body. I feel him undulate, I hear him gasp. I love every inch of him.

I touch Lily’s hand. We feast on one another. Lily starts to engulf me. I circle our lives over and over again, slowly reliving every moment.

I am in ecstasy as I continue to experience Paul. He is an incredible lover. I don't want to stop.
Our bodies are in sync as I crawl out of my skin.

I move as Lily holds me tightly . We are dancing in the moonlight. It is our time and we move like the silence of clouds.

Paul reaches a crescendo and I am just barely conscious. We both explode as one. We hold we hug, we laugh, we talk. I am so in love with Paul. I am blessed.

I watch Lily as we lay on the lounge chair. I can not imagine a better life. We married in our twenties. Here we are forty five years later. My heart still skips a beat every time I look at her. I am so in love with Lily. I am blessed.