I see women differently than hardcore males. A woman's face is her singular most important feature as far as I am concerned. So as you are reading this look me straight in the eyes and I will look right back...yes straight into your eyes. I also want to watch your lips move, as you speak, your tongue curl against your teeth. I want to feel what’s behind the sparkle as your looking at me.

And I will want to talk, and listen. I'll want to know what you like what you dislike, what are your hopes and dreams what are you proud of. What do wish you could undo? I want us to laugh as one, some deep belly laughs. Still our eyes peering into one another.

Suddenly we are walking and suddenly your hand touches mine and we play with the simple touch of each others hands and my whole body shivers. Our hands are playing and we laugh and we talk, and an hour has passed, and I don't tell you but it feels like a second.

I point out the clouds and their round like pillow shape but I only see you and you are soft and you are kind and my body shivers. Your face is now etched into my thoughts. Your touch is gentle. You are in my mind.

I feel sand under my feet and I hear waves against rocks as I float above us to watch you watch me watching you.

When we first meet we never leave the steps in front of your house.

Day turns into night and it is time to part. As we say good night you lean an inch towards me, I lean two and our lips touch. Just a brush! We move just a bit closer and slowly, ever so slowly, slightly, ever so slightly, our mouths open and our tongues touch, and we part.

Just a kiss a harmless little kiss ever so small. My body shivers and I don't tell you but even my feet are smiling.

I see women differently than hardcore males. And I ask you dear lady are you still staring at my eyes, I am and straight to your heart!

...and that kiss I also don't tell you.

...just a kiss. A tiny kiss, PERFECT!

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