I have no business writing. I have no formal training. It does not come naturally to me. English is not even my first language.

I copy from the emotions that I wear on my sleeves. I barely ever edit. I don't believe I have ever spent more than fifteen minutes on any single piece.
I am sorry, that is what I do and how I do it. If I have wasted one precious moment of your time, please accept my sincere apologies.

Having said that, here I go again. Just a short piece of prose that fell out of my hands. Presented here in the same way it flowed off my finger tips.



Love is vital. If you find it fight for it. Never cheat your lover you cheat yourself. We give up to quickly. We need to be in touch with our hearts.

We feel too little and think too much. Would you fault a rose because it has thorns? Their fragrance alone forgives them the little blood they might draw.

Their velvet touch like the comfort of a one and only. Their vibrant colors like that special smile. The images sculpted by the formation of their petals are the masterpiece that resides within you.

Cherish one on one love. With out the love you share with your life partner there is no reason there is no purpose. Union is essential it is the serum that protects us and our loved ones.

It is easy to give up on someone. It is easy to turn your back and shoot up the drug infatuation. New love comes with a substantial boost of adrenalin. That too will be fleeting. If you gave up once before you will again.

If you cheat once you will justify it for ever more. True love does not happen by accident. It is not pages safely bound in a leather cover with its beginning its middle and its happy ending.

Love is commitment. It is an awakening! It is a belief that you are going to have one partner and one partner only.

A garden needs tending. Water and food and fresh soil. Nurture your love and let it grow. Be joyous when it blooms and never leave your garden unattended.

Love is vital. All on its own it contains our purpose our joy our success our fulfillment. Treat your love as if it will be the last you will ever have. All else is fleeting.

If the question is why, why am I here, why me, why this why that? The answer is simple and singular. There is only one answer to all of life’s questions. Love! Love one partner with all that you have. Love is the answer. Love and be a family.

Love is vital if you find it never let it go; don’t wait until you lose it to see the writing on the wall. If you have found love grab on and never let go. It just may be the last rose in the garden.