I am blessed! I don’t have to try not to look at a woman’s cleavage, I love looking into their eyes. Of course I can appreciate a woman’s breasts just like any other man. The point is I love looking at a woman’s eyes and I love listening to her talk. I will notice her lips and how her tongue hits the back of her teeth.

I will listen intently, because I love to listen to a woman’s point of view. It enlightens me. It gives me views of the world that I would otherwise miss.

I love their nurturing nature. I love how soft they feel. Hold a woman’s hand? That is sure to send shivers up my spine. Lock lips? If that is not what heaven feels like send me to hell I’ll take my chances there. There is nothing in life like that first kiss.

I have been known to walk all day with a woman as if it were a minute in time. I am sure I float on air. I love women. I love the way they walk the way they smell I love the way they talk I love everything about women.

Yes I am a romantic. That doesn’t mean I would not do anything and everything with a woman I love. A romantic evening is wonderful, but getting nasty is bliss as well. Chatting after sex? I love it! Hugging or spooning it’s all good.

Look again men the opposite sex is very special. It is time we listened more and appreciated more. Women can lead you to The Garden Of Eden right here on Earth! I was thinking if I could change anything about myself, I would ask for the soul of a woman. How special that would be.