In The Rapture

Of The Moment

Yes I can still see her...

through rose colored glasses,


in fact,

She is gorgeous

I remember saying...

or at least thinking out loud

...You take my breath away,

She was a perfect site to behold; I am sure men literally fell like pins at the alley,
as she entered a room

...and yet she was gentle,
unaffected by her physical beauty,
she had so much love in her heart.

Naked our needs locked. I can't remember ever having felt anything or anyone so soft.Her skin against mine I was at the foot of the horizon. Her blue eyes true cleansed my sins.

Her hair flowed like a sheet of fine black sand, like a tapestry made from a beach ebony in color .
Trapped in love I pulled her to me by her thick dark mane, blanketed her pear shaped breasts.

Her lips seared mine as we shared a small Scape of air. She punished me over and over again with her lingering touch. Does Ecstasy ever end if you play it over and over in the annals of your memories like a looped tape. Her lips were my lips my tongue was her tongue, no space separated us.

I have touched the first day of spring,

tasted the first snowflake of winter.

heard the leaves change color on an autumn day,

I have even witnessed summer remove her golden robe, watched it fall to her feet and stared as she stood in all her glory.

I have done all of that but when she spread her wings

this goddess

when she held me,

my life stopped beating,

and for just an infinitesimal moment of time

I knew


my heaven

would be.

I was free. Free in the rapture of the moment.

We sunk into one another and danced a tango of infinite sex. Nothing mattered anymore, she had tore out my heart, fed it to me and it tasted like the ambrosia of kings. The gates had opened, the angels had fled, and I wandered through a mass of sexual satisfaction. My mind was in a tailspin of romantic imagery.

Her voice swept me back to consciousness as a single tear rolled down her cheek and fell on to her smile.

We were both silky wet and sported the scent of fresh dew in the morning. We whispered, as our words tip toed through the air like a majestic overture. We were

drenched in one another,


young and in lust.

I have no memory of when she finally left. It must of been days or was it hours, the freedom of unconscious love knows no time.

I had explored every crevice of her body, we had feasted on one another, no parts left untouched. I thought it would never end I'm not sure it ever did. I used every part of my body on every part of hers.

She was an unframed masterpiece; it was I who had carved her wooden surround that know embellished her God given glow of natural visual perfection.

I repeat I have no memory of when she finally left. I do know I thanked the Angel of Fire out loud. I'm sure as I did even though she was no longer physically there she returned the compliment. She had left, me unbound from the packaging that had enslaved me. It was her gift to me.

A gift, I store

safely the deepest regions of my passion.