Thinking back to my teenage years my early twenties, falling in love was so easy. She could be walking streets but to me she was the space beyond the clouds. Truth was a tightrope of winks and smiles, of the promise of tomorrow and today was just fine.

Youth in its ignorance sees art where
bottles of paints on a cloth of filth had spilt. Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll. Poetry with a guitar and the weed that drove you to the depths of revalations, dreams that lived in an endless stream of contradictions.

No one smokes their weed in circles anymore. Then it was a native ritual and orgy's were rampant.

The BeeGees asked "How do you mend a broken heart?" Music ruled the day and God we loved to cry.

The disco era, breaking up is hard to do and I will survive and Billy Vera. Love was eternal, or at least seven days. Oh the broken hearts I survived and all its drama.

The letters I would write.

Dear Susan

“Hearts heal, but your walk loses a step or two, it loses its flare.

I miss you so much I just want to die! What happened to us?

It boggles my mind how easily you let go of US! Tears flow as I write. I guess I will survive but as so much less than I was!

I love you with every beat that is me, with every drop of blood that I have. I am only half. Without you there is no I.

Say Goodbye to who we were for me. Say it one last time. Say Goodbye to every part of you that I will never touch again. I let you fly and you never came back. You were never mine.”


Of course I would never send it. Within days I would be dipping the little redhead’s pigtail in ink. Oh my, oh my how did I survive my youth, in love every other day, riding the flame of a wickless mass of wax.

Those were the days my friend we thought they would never end. Remember Peter Frampton his famous magic act, one day at the top of the heap the next day gone.

That was love way back then. You would climb a mountain with your bare hands change your mind and ride the crest of a wave you caught.

Oh how I suffered in my youth, so in love for a day or two, switching horses in the middle of the race. You were young you were in love and damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.

Who knew way back then in the throws of my anguish, in the pain of my lost loves, who knew than how grand it was to be young and in love.

Oh the tears I cried, how wonderful they were those days when love was free and lived in every other apartment of the high rise you called home.

Can you taste Black Cat Gum in the air it is the perfume of your youth, God Bless and please do tell!